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Granite Falls Historical

Granite Falls Historical Society
member, Snohomish County League of Heritage Organizations

PO Box 1414
109 E. Union St.
Granite Falls, WA  98252
(360) 691-2603

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Special Thanks to the Snohomish County Heritage Commission, whose funding assistance made it possible to preserve these newspapers and make them available for historical and genealogical research. 


The Granite Falls Historical Society mission is to collect, preserve, and share the history of the Granite Falls region to foster better understanding and appreciation of the values that built our city and contributed to our County’s rural heritage. Our method is to locate and identify appropriate material, to protect and interpret that material, and finally to make it available to the greatest possible extent. 


To that effect, you can browse or search thousands of pictures and documents online, visit our Museum to manipulate digitally overlaid maps from 1880s forward to modern aerial photos, and now browse our newspaper collection at the Museum or online.


The Granite Falls Historical Society is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization, operating solely on the contributions of its members and patrons.


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