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December 27, 1934     Granite Falls Historical
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December 27, 1934

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i I m Departmcnt &lt;,f the - " ,Y':," :, o.= ...... County Forum Devoted To News and Notes of Lake Stevens and Hartford CHRISTSA$ CAFoOLS SUNG SATURDAY EVE ]AKE STEVE'NS.--Th e Christ- mas Carolers of the Uni(m Sunday School serenaded the re4idential district wltil Chritnuls carom Sat- urday nlgilt. After driving around and; singing, for an hour or He the young people adjourned to Mrs. E. R. Huat's home wllere they enjoy- cd ]lln(heon. The Ulfir)!l Sunday school also gave a delightful program Sunday night at the K. C. Hall. Songs, reel- rations by the child'ren were enjoy- ed an d apprechlted by the large ga- thering of parents and friends. The progra,m was in charge of MXs. Wm. Silcox, and the music was in charge of Mrs. E. R. Hunt. Mr Jasper Howe and' son Wil- ford an d Vern spent Christmas (hlY with Mr. and Mrs. Jolnl Murray. Mr. Murray's birthd:aY was observed ou tlle same day. _.___.-.-. Stanley Ba, rker, Woodrow Mat- on, Irwin Milliron and Thurston Miller, who are attendinv the Uni- versity were home for over Christ- nlas. Airplane Noises Tile [irlnellml stnlr(.es of noise Ill air+ [)hines Ill el'direr Id' IllllliWtallC e are tile propeller, tilt+ exhaust. Ollgllle clatter all<l WIiIstllllg Wil'es. The noise ellergy ilf ally lille of thesc Is so great that even large reductl.llS ill tllal energy result In Ollly what appear to be small reductions in the noise tleard. A Ghost That Eats WLllie--Motiler, y.ln kt.,w tile ghost thai you tohl me al)l.ll Ihal Is ill tile dark elosel wilere yea keep the cake? Mother--Yes. Wlllit-Well, the ghost took all the cookies that were In there. L A KESIDE N EWS / ...... . ................................... "." .......... ,_"_' ......... ', Thursday Dec. 27, 1934 Mis Street Spending Vacation in California LAKE ST E,V 15N S---Miss Lore]lia Street, honle ec<lnomlcs teacher of the high school, left Friday for Calil'In'lia to spend 'tile Christmas i:olidays with her parents of that c.ity. Christnms dinner guests at the E. A. Matson honle were Mr. and Mrs. E. Rifleman and family, Mr. and Mrs: August Matson, Miss Viola !Matson, aud M'r. Rello Pierson, all io;' Everett. Mr. and Mrs. I,inar Hoglund and sons Melvin, Sigfred and Paul of North Bend are spending the holi- days visiting' at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Barker. Mall Service in Alaska 1 Ahllla Is lile show lllllce I)f mail S(q'vil'e, the bIst fr, mtler, the l'eioa of the tl''illl's! VIIl'le V of Ill;Ill traos- I.wt;ttim ill tile worhl. Tilt?re lille lllay sl.t, Iho mall carried by rllllr, md. wh,,.It'll h,,rse vehicles, ilorstl sir<]l, +h, sl,+ds, rehliloi+r sh*(Is. I)y Ine.n Oll fold IIIId llli Slllt.'Sh)OS+ b.V stealnboat, glls, dllle b, mt. the white llllln's rowlloat. tilt, li;sl{llll,I lillytlt and tim ltlrlllane. Ti.hly the lengtll of the United .l+lltfl ImSl I'll|lieS hils Increased Prom tile one single trail thr,tugh an us. Iirol{en l'ol'eSl fgonl Now <lrk to Bos- ton In 1677 to a c)nlblned lengtb s.f- ficienl to reat.h ar{.lnd tile eartll st Its grellteSl lrcllnlference more than 29 thneS.--Washlngton Post. BERT KAROLUS HAS Baby Born To Daughter CLOSE ONE SATURDAY Of Lake Stevens Resident Many Auto-Railroad Collklona E';'en siolpl.e.-nlinded m.t,,rists know that a railroad croSlllM Is nO phlt'e to dispute the right of way. Yo! In 01Is country motor ear drivers ntll only sniasll thousands of titles ttll-, but they collide with trains on an IV|+l'llge 1:" evel'y | htlllrS till.ollgh- oral the day and nlgllt. In ah,.lt 50 per cenl .f tile falal acchlents, they i|ctually drive Into the shie of tile q+ll- ghle. tellllel' or a COllt'h.---4hl[lh,l"S Weekly. T,AKI] STEVi]NS--Mr. Bert Kar- LAKE STEtrli)NS Word has olus had a wreck in front of the K. been receivec bY Mrs. E. A. Matson P. llall Saturday night. Another car of the birth of a baby girl to Lieut. crowded him off the pavement and and Mrs. Joseph F. Carroll of Hone- his ear skidded off the road and luht, Dec. 20th. Mrs. Carroll is the nearly toppled lute tile creek. No former Edyth Matron. erious damage was done. Misses Elva and Pearl Sholberg, Mr. and Mrs. John Huh'ey and who are attendLng Washington son Charles are spending the Christ- State College are spending the 11011- mas week with Mrs. H.ulvey's par- days with their p'arents, Mr. and ents, Mr, and Mrs. C. Huff of Yaki- Mrs. C. E. Sholherg. ma. CHEESE SMUGGLERS mu +US00NmmS M+N TO PtEEDS ,Villtt sort of SlllllatllIIlg giles ell ah,ng tile ghllllOr(lll Ith'h+ra. do yOll -;ll]lIIIIsL--+'dIlllllllIIds. Ill+Ill'Is. I'll]lies. IllyS IPl'h)llS n|ll'Cllt[(, dl'llgS (if the (ll'[elII? All, lU)! The scores of thmlsallds of ltllllflllS Ill Nict+ told th(.'eal..its are fillill If [lalhll (!tl('l'S'S. th,)llth if I i'. li<'hllly llllll,i,!lll+t+l I!HIt tilt + tl;l!l'3 rill'Ill,-. lit ibl'+l lll+e III;J lit, Sl)llle 4IX) dl I'rtq'ellI sorts of tllt, h" lWli. There + Is I1 dilly D) pay i)n foreign cheeses, and the ]+rl+nc]l +lIId ,|OllaCO CIISI IIIIIS nlen hllve to c.i)e wltil n lllllllber of i)rofeR - Silillll] C]II'OSt..lllllktloi.S. A lit,a[ cap+ tnl't  hllS heell Ilillth+ oll tllo St. Louis brhle frolitler. Ill Illirllviln. The roiir +if ti trllihSnllln's %'aD I.,dd rather tillek. The -llh'lals on the I,'rem,h shl of l+llt+ llrlde did sonlP, snllllllll lind tllllptnl- , took a nleilsllrenlt,nl Ol. IIVII. ilrlell lip 8 strip iir two ill' ilanellng - and foilnd 1-170 pOUllda tJ[ lial elieoses nllgly stowed 8w'lly. A btliltllilld of (hlrgllnzlila was (life.rally) scented ill sea, <ll'f (}lille .hll'tio, and Cal)tiirl b), the MliliCO ,ilSilllns. Tllere has beeli iin expllliig lilli'gilll and .ll)tln'e Ill S Sllllil'l IIlll#ll'-yilchl whh.h I)l'tlilltlil !1 Il)li of 'liee.e fl'ltlll Italy tll the I'lil.kv Islos on" (itnlleS. The iigOlitt of ttlo 711Jig eatrlisted with this "'.l-b" .qnitllng+ I,%' pahl il llllli ltiit+ ltlid were relellse(I. 41nt,e anlltlier elllitllre lit sea of a lloal. !,uid of (tho SlilllTgh,rs In/llnltgell Ill esl'llpe In a car) tiio lillil ha lrans h,M,ed Its w(irk tO the iliOUnlalns on the I"reneh.itallln ITonller. 001-MONTHLY l}Rtlli 00TORI00 00P[{;IALS oyer's BATH POWDER and BATH SALT SET $1.00 Value PRICES GOOD UNTIL JAN. 10 TRY YOUR HOME STORE FIRST PRE-INVENTORY AND NEW YEAR FANCY BOX CANDY SPECIALS ' For New Year Gifts 25C to $2.50 Fresh Stock 89c C01B BRUSH AND 95.00 Value $2.98 William's SHAVING SET 91-25 Value 89c Gift Package STICKERS AND TAGS 2 for 5c PERFUMES 91.00 anoy Bottles 29c, 39 and 49c REGULAR CASH PRICES 35c McKesson Shaving Cream ........ 21c 25c McKesson Toothpaste .............. 19 50c McKesson Milk Maghesia ........ 39c 75c McKesson Antiseptic Solution No. 59 .......................................... 49c $1.35 Pinkhams Veg. 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Save and Pay Your Bills Here -- I Ill Our Prescription Department At L' MITCHEL S PHARMACY Lal00e Stevens, Wn. Phone East 647 l-Iv t4OB:'RT V. FI.FMiNG Vice Presldcnt Amerlran Bankers Associatin. TANKE,'tS rec.oguize tllat laanging 'onditions require now lnetilod of dillUZ I)lhl0SS. HowovW il ! their r e,!) o n,i bilily to retain tho:4 es- sontlal and sollild Ilna neial I)rinel. pies upon Wh;C|! this c(luntry WII2 rounded and tins grown to be wlial is still the rieilest nation in the world. Ma}y of ollr dlf. [Icu Itles have arisen from lark o[ conIldence nd R. V. FLEMINU froln nllsnnder. stalldiilg. Tbere. lore It bol/ooves tile b.qiiRer to bend every effort to create a better publlc understalldlng nf SOilad banking and thereby bring almat tila! united effort aild eoaDeratlvesl)lrt* whlch will nas. toil tile day of Ilatlon,'ll recovery snd reswre to the l)alll:or t, llo eOlllideece of th I)tll)lh, to wlllch lie IS entlUel /is an allproacll to the reallzalion ol this Ideal, bailk,'-q's stlollld earefli!ly scrtltinlze every ai)llcattoii for a I.lill to see if It Is lln;iltable and. If II Is not in hankable form. then nlake ttlr. ther exalninathln [o see If the loan can be made st). in order that the uses ot credit may be sthn.lsted. Explalnmg Loan Faetor to Customers We must act expect oaf custooler.q to be bankers and nndel'stand ell lhe fac- tors which we nlaBt COll:thiel' DeIore grant/ng a loan. If we flad tba! a loan Is not, and cannot be made. banlmble. then 1 think we sboUla take pains to explain to the applicant the reasons why it cannot be granted. There are other measures wbie think It Important for the hanker to undertake in order to eliminate the misunderstandings whicli Itave arisen and overcome the sntllnent which exists. Under present renditions we have to operate under nr.luy laws and regulations, and also Wll{:ll wlta| fur. thor leglsla:ion ts being llropnsed which affects our lnethods of operation and may no! be in lhe best interest of the commuuitles we serve. Nowadays it seems at times we must sil wltb a law book in one band and a book of regula- tions in the other In order to make eer. tain we are discharging, our dally duties and functionlng strictly In accordance with the law All of this ls very try. lng, yet I thtnk In !lie end we shall be- come better bankers. 1 believe tt Is the duty or every banker today to endeavor to under. stand the public be serves. In addl!toa to his dally duties, trying as they are, he s!louhl participate in the activities of his comnlunlty, so that. wttb the fund of Information available to him. he may be as helpful as possible In all Dubltc and civic matters Ancient Horse-Car Law Tbe California statute lnis fallen into .isuse bul an ancient enactment still makes It to "allow more thnn I'.rty persons to be carried at one tlaie upoa any street ear drawn by one horse, or more than sixty per- sons upon any car drawn by two horses." Filberts--Nuts to You l PoreLgn filberts are taboo Ln the United States army. The War d partnleat bus ruled that soldiers must eat Alllel'lCll.n grown nuts and that no foreign foodstnffs may be purchased where Amerlcan products are avail- able. Carefully Concealed "That romantic Miss Passelgh says there is a secret connected with her birth." "That's trite---It's the date."-tray Stories Magazine. Book Chat He--Is your book ou "The Cultiva- tion of C,mrage" finished yet? She---Yes, but 1 can't get up nerve enough to take It to a publisher, Gad Ap, Horsy l "Let's wander ahlng the bridle path." "Oh, Jack, thiS is so suddenl" USE TilE WANT ADS The Only Publication Complete- ly Covering This District LAKE GRANGE PLANS PARTY ON SATURDAY LAKE STIi)VINS -- The South Lake Stevens Grange Is sponsoring lhe 3rd card party and dance of series No, 1, Saturday night, De- cember 29, at the Grange Hall. Cards, dancing and eats will be en- joyed The public Is invl'ted. Mr. aud Mrs. W,. F. Barnes and sons Billy and Bobby spent Christ- mas in Seattle with relatives. Mr. and ,Mrs. Wm. Taylor and family spent Christmas with rela- tives in Everett. Micro-Waves Aid Radio, Aecording to Engineers While still In tim exl,erlliientlil stage, radio eliffllloep see tn File tlOW illlra. tlilll'l inh,rti-wlive ii illi,ans #if txleiid. illg lhe Ilnlll. of i'allhl aad lil,rfel.f.hi loh,rl.loli, says Illtlilhidl,r lltilizine "l'hort+ Flew WIIVe. whh,h Will.i , tllcliv tq'tql II.v l|al'l.lilil lirv free rrllii liiti<, illlll flidlli7 lilid <lffi,l' S Ph;Inliel lty whh'h IlieSsilgp ailll llh,llirl,l ,.Jill it i i lhishell lletweeli Ili,llitil II+lllil. Ill il fl';i<'!lllll Of a Se('lllld insll,lld ill' hi .t. el'iil lillllllteli as I1 lill%l, rt*lllllrl,I I II II lll.ellhfft+d I:lnil filchulh* liii,sllTi,. will I'ellhlfe tht+ dol-lilid-dash s.vilt+lii. It IS IllSl) th<lllffhl lhal till. RIIIllt* rllt,t,ll illlll t#.10#illllllly ill trllnSlllttlilhlli which will ollen n#w Ilehls for rlidhl lOlilll nllillh.nllon will liitlke t@iovIsillll il lil+lii* ti,'lii l'al,t. l'lillt.ell illelilres a llel,lllid Is all that Is iqulrl:d ill pi',tlocl s ilillv+ lng llh,tare uiion ii screen. Tile main dlsndvantage of the new mlc-wave Is rllat It disappears at the horizoo In- stead of following theeurvatnro of the esrth. To overeo,oe this it will be nel.essllry tO erect b.,mter statlous tt%'i2gl' dU Iu+Ua Ben Mitchell, Correspondent i Mr. and Mrs. Gadd To Live at Lake Stevens LAKE STEVINS+=-Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Gadd and ehildren o17 Broken Bow arrived at Imke Stevens Friday, Mr. and Mrs, Ga,dd expect to make their home here. Mr. Gadd is an ex- perienced piano tuner and intends to serve the, people of this connnun- ity in the near fu'ture. Mrs. Gadd Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Honeycutt, Mr. Dick Smith of Alberta is vis- iting wlth his sister Mrs. K. T. Han- sen and Mr. Hansen. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jenne and daughter Isabelle were dinner guests o Christmas of Mr. and Mrs. A, D. Lucas of Everett. Bill Sllcox has heen conftned to his florae the pr.,st few daya will llI- hess. Miller Godfrey lias heen drlviug the stage over the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. (). F. Coles spen t'hrtstmaa with Mrs. Cole's sister, Mr.. O F. Miller and Mr. Miller of Joyee. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Lundeen and claughter Alice Marie were guests of Mrs. Lundeen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Vising o Seattle Christmas day. Harry W'hitford of the U S. Ma- rlnes now statton at Bremerton spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wtm. Whltford. !tiiUuiiiiIuinI m w If Anyone i i =_ ] --Elopes = i i --Dies i --Gets Married --Has Guests ----Gees Away --Has a Party --Has a Baby --Ha+ a Fire --Is Ill --Has an Operation --Buys a Home --Win a Prize --Repairs a Home --Builds a Home --Mak a Speech --Holds a Meeting --Or Takes Part in Any Other Unusual Event That's NEWS And We Want It! Phone or bring the items to the Forum Office or Anna Pugh in Granite Falls or Ben Mitchell at Mitchell's Pharmacy, Lake Stevens Snohomish County FORUM Your Own Home Paper I IIIIIIlluIIuItIIi!IIIIi111119iiIIIuuIiIIIIii g m i " .... .:s ......... ............................................ L