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September 9, 1954     Granite Falls Historical
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September 9, 1954

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GRANITE FALLS PRESS : Granite Falls, Washington THURSDAY, SePt. g, 1954 Grani :e Falls Pressl Phone 2401 Published every .Tlmrsday at Granite Falls, Washington H. F. WILCOX, Publisher Subscripthm price $2.00 per year Entered as second class matter December 4, 1946, at the post- office at Granite Falls., Wash., un- der the Act of March 3, 1879. l)utYOUhaw. only ONE lit00" Wt{lt fun hi there in beat- ing traffic? Passing on hillsP Squeezing into lines of cars? There&apos;s lots more fun in living your one life to the full other ways. Isn't Tl'y to be sensible alid I i i DRIVE CAREFULLY--the life you sove may be your owM L..J RETZ REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Office Phone 2541 Residence 2623 Granite Falls CTLEANERS ! Quick and Satisfactory Service IT'S THE LAW (Presented as a public service by the Washington State Bar Association) WHAT IS A TORT? The weed "tort" is such a 120111- monplace term witi the lawyer  that he seldon stol)s to. realize tlmt the ordinary .citizen does not even know what it means. The word itself is from the French and means a twist or torque, el', ill effect, a "wro]lg." In'legal terminolcgy it means a priwte, civil wrong committed by one person against another. The laws of tort, therefore, is that body of law which defines tlioe acts which constibute a '(wrong" aud for which the aggrieved per- son may recover damages. For example, Smith strikes Brown and I)reaks his nose. This is colnlnoJlly kliOWll as tl)e tort o[ 'assault aud liattery.'. Theo- retically at least, Brown has a cause o' action agaiust SnHth; that is, by bringing a suit against Smith he can force Smith to pay him money damages. This is a civil action and would be referred to, as Brown vs. Smith. Brown is ttle plaintiff, and Smith is the defendant. The same act which constitutes ; t,,)rt iP, tile civil t:otirts may also be a criminal act, s defined by the el'imimH statutes. If it is,] then the wrongdoer is apt to find I himsel[ the defendant in a crim-I I inal action I)rougilt by tile prose- cutillg atlorn(w in behalf c,f the peel)h, of the state. If the prose- ;uting attoruey pressed <rimiiLal charg(!s against .Smith in the above case, the action wotild lie called Shite vs. Smith, and instead of having to pay for a broken nose, Smith would fac a possible jail selitence if he was ,found guilty, Tlie bringing of a civil suit by Brown does not prevent the state froan prosecuting Smitli criminal- ly. The criminal action, if brought first, wouhl not prechlde Brown from instituting his suit. One does not bar the other. A tort may be an intentional act, as in the example abo,ve, or it may donslst of an unintentimml act such as negligent wrongdoing. Most of the actions arising rom autoniobile .collisions, for in.stance, come within the latter. Other ex- amples of intentional torts, be- sides assault and battery, are false arrests, libel and slander, malicio,us prosecution, alienation of affectioai and false iniprlson- IU e n t. EFFECT OF A JUDGMENT A store sold John Doe, a bach- elo', a television set for $300. Doe took delivery but failed to my for the set. Thereupon the store brought an actlo,u .for $300 in tile Superior Court and since Doe failed to appear and defend the aetimb a judgment was en- tered in the case of $300 plus the court costs. What was the effect of tlle judgment? First of all, it did nojt mean the store automatically found its debt paid. The debt still re- niained unpaid, but the store had several riglits which it didn't have before it brought the law suit. One oT the rights which in'me- diately would be elt by Doe wouhl be the imposition of a lieu on his real property, that is, his house iu this case. Once the judg- ment was entered by the court the real property immediately was encumber.ed by a Jien that in effect was the same as a mort- gage. The store had the right to sell the house under a fore- clo,sure proceeding to satisfy its debt. Or, if it didn't foreclose the lien would remain and would show up if Doe tried to sell his property to some one else. No purchaser erdinarily would take real property whieh there was an unsatisfied judgment. Another right the store would have wouhl lie to seize persolia] ln'Ol)erty -- movable property as disting.uished from real property --under a writ obf execution levied by the sheriff. Again the property conhl be sold to satisfy the debt. The store also could have the court issue a writ of garnishment I I against Doe's employer. The em-i 1)toyer wo,uhl be required to pay l)oe's wages, then owing, into coin't where they wouhl be used to satisfy the debt. If the store eouhhl't find any property of Doe, yet believed be had sojlie which he v;as conceal- ing it could require Doe to lie brouglit into court where he; would be questioned under oath regarding all ills financial at[airs, past and preseut, which might reveal xil:it property he owne,] that was sLibject to execution. (This cohlmn is written to in.  form. llot advise. Facts may c.hange tim application of the law ) I IIIIIIilllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllilllll$ t I PALACE OF .SWEETS BEULAH LEASE, Prop. iNVITES YOUR PATR.ONAGE Fountain Service Lunches Delicious Home Made Pies Bakery Goods Cigarettes  Soft Drinks Candies OPEN SUNDAYS 'li I I Iit  I '!!I I! = ! 1 tl lll,t.t,l!,,;:illlh::..ilh,llllhllllllhl,,ll FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ba 2191 Everett is time I" e, ,d ' kRRY ENSON 'emocrat, to INGRESS !nd district :RY HENSON WILL tK AND =IGHT TO ' WHAT WE HAVE-- !LOP NEW RESOURCES RVE ALL THE SECOND RICT ENSON )NGRESS bSt "''. Artificial Breeding ,. " '-:r-- Quality Sires Northwest Co-op Breeders Phone: ARLINGTON 2141 NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION NOTICE LS HEREBY GIVEN, i that a special electtmz Will be held in Granite Falls, Wash., ca I ,T,uesday, .September 14, 1954, be- ,tween tim hours of 8 o'clock a.m. and 8 o'clock p.m. of said day, ,at which time there will be sub- mitted to the qualified vters of said town for ratification or re- jection the following proposition, torwit: Shall Granite Falls, Washing- lngton, be authorized in the year .1955, an additional tax of two mills, without regard to any tax limitations provided by law, ,to secu,re funds in tile es- timatel amount of $400.00 for the purpose of maintaining the branch of the Snohonlsh Coun- ty Itural Library at the Town Hall. The polling place for the pur- pose o said election will be at the town lmll. Dated this 7th day of Septem- ber, 1954. By JACK WEBB, Mayor Attest: M. ENGEBRETSEN, Clerk Published .Sept. 9, 1954. TWITCHELL For Sheriff - Youth Experts Endorse His Program for Juvenile Protection. "k" Lawyers Like His Plan for Handling Civil Cses.  Rural Residents Back His Design for County-Wide Protection. ALL the People Like His Honesty. Primary Elections Sept. 14th MAKE NO MISTAKE ., ELECT O. B. LEIGH DEMOCRAT SHERIFF Snohomish County PLATFORM: Crime Prevention through education first. Relentless law enforcement always. Don't Be Sorry -- BE SURE I I I SCXOOL'S IN! Drive with: :CARE " :..,;:. , ...... . - . " School time is'here aa!n. Time for every mo{orist to resoive tn dl:ive with particular car e near schools or where our children are bl)arding or getting off school buses. The best lesson in high- way etiquette and courtesy:can be learned from the truck driver. Watch how he behaves when following'a school bus. Heptops and pulls over when the bus stops. He passes only when: the sch,l,iI bus in in mllth)n. The PUD truck dHveris one of these, because he knows this procedure is required by law of all drivers. "' And he knows it is a wise law, designed to protect our children. Let's all. (,hserve these precautions and make this school year a safe year. - :.,. PtlItLIC UTILITY DISTRICT _ No. 1 of Snohomish County II III