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September 3, 1959     Granite Falls Historical
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September 3, 1959

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Thursday, September 3, 1959 " THE WALLENDAS, world-famous[Sept. 19. Horse-racing, draft family of high-wire artists, are/horse driving contests and world's one of the features of Western/championship rodeo are other Washington Fair's grandstand/features of the twice-daily grand- show this year. The fair opens  stand shows. its nine-day run at Puyallup! P U D NOTES TEN YEARS OF GRAWTH (Conin,ned from page 1) and buildings to meet the ever policies in tlle state, making elec- tric service available to more 'rural families at lower cost. Over 512 miles of lines were eon.)truct ed and 33,200 poles 02ANITE YhZllS I'RFJ -- Granite lalh, Washtan , , Riverside News I/t5 [h "'L't[l Mrs. Thomas M,urphy, Cor. [ O' lilt : Mq'. and Mrs. Taklo were din- W&gI!J{UON STAll: BAR ASOCIATIO[ her guests at tile Westland hem( Sunday. NEW WIFE LOSES Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnston Mr. B, a widower, had known sP eric an enjoyable day Sunday Mrs. S, a widow, for ten years at ,the ,Sportmen's piculc. when they decided ,to marry. Carry err, grandson of Mr. and At the time of t,helr marrlgae Mrs. Ed Johnston, left Sunday to Mr. B was 67 and had been a join the Armed Forces. increasing demand for electricity and ,to better serve the district's cnstomor." Whoa the properties were ac -I quh'ed Sept. 1, 1949, .the district wa serving 38,811 customers During the ten-year period cue. t(,mes Increased to 58,250, or 50 per cen,t. i At tlle ,time of acquisition the electric plant was valued at $16,- 65,1 524. The steadily growing, demand for electric power over the years made it necessary 'It construct f.aetlltle to adeq'uately carry ,{he h)ad as i ws requ:red. To date it has not been neces- "sary to the outstanding bonded indebtedness of the ills. have been installed In new lines and replacements of worn out tnd depreciated poles. Rate reductitnis in recent year 'esulted in saving.4 of approxi- mately $500,000 annually to cus. omers. A fur, tiler advanZage to he customers ws the elimina- tes of tle re,idential lighting 'ate known as Scedule 5 and ie etal)lisiment of one uni- 'orm rate to all residential ners with a monthly minimum )f $1. (The minimum charged IreviD'.sly on tile all-electric rate was $4.50 monLhly.) The residential street light modernization program costing in the vicinity of $490,000 has been well accepted tllroughout widower for 30 years..Mrs. S was 55 and had been a widow for 16 years. After two months of mar- riage, .the new Mrs. B left Mr. B's home. Mr. B valed for a divorce nd Mrs. B, in the same action, asked the court to award her separate maintenance from Mr. B. The ;trial court found t;hat although Mr. B w:aa entitled to divorce .decree, Mrs. B was not entitled to separa,te maln.tenance because she left the home without just cause or provocation. Mrs. B appealed to ,the Supreme Co,urt of the Slate of Washing- ton, contending tha.t the trial court made a mistake w.hen it refused to allow her request for separate maintenance. The Supreme Court hleId that the trial court had not made a rots.take. The court said that in order to be .entitled to separate maintenance, a wife must how (a) that her h,usband abandoned her without Just cause, or that she was compelled to live apart from him because of conduct on his part w'btctL in law, consti- tuted abandonment; and (b) ,that, having t,he a-bility to sup- port her, Jhe neglected or re- fused to do so. Here, the court r,uled, the evidence of the wife did not meet this test because she left her husband's :home with- out jtst eanse Or provocation. In rther words, a wife is not el,titlrd to eparate maintenance :ust boe an-'e she prefers to live somwhere else rather lhan with her husband, even tf her lm::- band has plenty of money. (Tht cnlamn is wrilten to Inform, no.t advise. Facts may change the aliplleation of the law. ) /- CAMPAIGN ON T0 GET ALL STEVENS SCHOOL DIST. VOTERS REGISTEREB Lake Stevens school district Mr. and Mrs. Arehie LeaQuee Mr. and Mrs. Cole and the Sccctts spen,t a pleasant day last week visiting the George Burkes and the Van Winkles of Everett. They also called at ,the rest home to visi,t. Mr. LeaQuee's sister. Ms'. and Mrs. Arc:hie LeaQuee motored .to Marysville Thursday and spent the day with Mrs. v ilkelmi. Dinner guests at .the Shaman ,home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Iv'in LeDuc and family, aud Mr. altd M.r& Keu Gllberton, who iave been spendlug the past few weeks with Verian's paren.ts. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Giibertson. left early Monday morning for Pullman. Mr. and M,rs. saac Gorreman of Marysville have purelhased the Maw home .and will be taking possesion abou,t Sept. 7th. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Murphy (re- cen,tly of Kuwalt) and daugh,ter Ardis spent several days with Mr. Murphy's parents, the Tom Murpiys, this past week. Jim Maw and M.uriel Stanton were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Murlly Sunday nigh.t, i Friday evening, Mrs. Ed Dun- can anti friends, Mr. and Mr,. (!al Berreman, mo,tored to Con- crete to join Mr. Duncan. Sat- urday they proceeded to Diablo it)am, w,here they spent it very [ nJoyable day. Callers at .the Ed Duncan Free! One Ball Point Pen ,triet to pay for improve. manta. These systtm improve- ments were paid frown net earn. Jugs and the total value of plant as of Sept. 1, 1959, was $30,. 000,000. During tlhe ten-year period kilowatt hour sales increased 208 per cent and pure.based power Increased 201 per cent. Ten years ago the peak system demand was 68,508 kilowatts. An all41me peak was reached ill January. 1959, of 230,280 kilo- watts, an increase of 230 per eenit. To better serve the customers th.roughout the area 21 new sub- stations have been constructed. Tn addi,tlon, the capacity was in- creased In six of the substations that were ia service as of Sept. 1. 1949. The " district adopted one of :,he county. The All-Electric Center in Ev- erett, headquarters for all oper- ations, was completed in 1958. Also completed by the district. were office buildings and service headquarters at Arlington and Mountlake Terrace. Modern of- f,ices are con,templated for other areas in ,the county where local offices 'are nGw established. To keep pace wit:h the growth: of the district modernized line and service trucks and other equipment has been Imrchased. Another factor that con'trlb- utedto improving customer ser- vice was tle installation of two- way radio units in 69 cars and trucks owned by the district. The commissioners of the dis- trict are T, homas Quast, pl:esi- 'dent; Perry M. Black, vice pres- With Each Dollar Purchase of School Supplies SUPER SPECIAL. ZIPPER NOTEBOOK BINDERS I a9 One Dozen Pedigree Pencils with Pencil Sharpener ................... 49c 64 Crayola Color Crayons with Sharpener.98c 200 Count Filler Paper ................. 69c SPECIAL $2.98 SPECIAL SCHOOL LUNCH KIT By Themes ,With Triple Guaranteed Vacuum Bottles Designed to Delight Every Youngster The Biggest Kit with the Biggest Bottle MITCHELL'.f PHdRM00CY Lake Stevens Phone EDgewood 4-3522 officials are undertaking a cam- Lundberg wl,th Mrs. Ferber published and numerous short palgn to get all eligible residents :motored to Everett ,to visit Mrs. stories tn magazines. of the area registered. There. will Delores Pearsall, who is in tha Shor, t story, arti.cle and novel be an importantt school election hospital, with related subjects will be on Nov. 17 to decide whether to levy Miss Elias0n and Mrs. Viola4 the study program. a special tax of approxlma,tely 'Zerfoss motored to Mwrysville to Contact Mrs. Ma.bel O'Bryan, 20 mills .for construction of a meet Mrs. Ken Swanby, wife of AL 2-8554, Everett, for registra- ne,w Junior high school. It ts the new pastor of the Congre- ties and inform.tion. Clases ihoped that .all voters will turn gatlonal church, and the trio will be open to beginning and :advanced writers. out to express 'their views on this went on ,to Evere, tt to pick paper proposition, and paint to .re-decorate the Registration, books close a parsonage. month before election, so I,t ls l Mr. and Mrs. B. A, Wise from GEMS 017 THOUGHT time ,to register now. Nevata, Calif., are visiting Mrs. !:ome Sunday were Mr. anti Mrs. CREATIVE WRITING CLASSES ,lack Long, also the two Jmleson START SEPT. 12 IN EVERETT rays, grandsous of the Duneans. The War,reu AJer family of So- Creative xri.ting clas will be- attle were weekend guests of gin fall cla.ues Saturday, Sept. :.r. and Mrs. Clif Lewis. 12 a,t 1 p.m. in the auditorium Bob Bowyer was a linner at the Everett Public Library. guest Saturday night at the Long Mrs. Helen Zola Ross, author home. and ,teacher of creative writing, ' Visitors at .t,he Father home will again be the lns.trucetor. gunday were Mr. and Mrs. Per- Mrs. Ros: Is a former teacher :tnzi and son John of Seattle. ,of writing at tile Univerlty of Saturday night, Mr and Mrs. Washing'ton and has 24 books The following oreeincts axe Wlse's parents, Mr. and Mrs. entirely or partially witlfln the Lester Wise. Also guests, at the Lake Stevens school district: Wise home are their daughter Davies, East Everett, Getchell Fern's tree boys. Glenwood, H,artford, Lake Ste- It's lovely o hold family re. vens, Nydln, Lake Cassldy, Lake- unions but it's extra lovely o view, Lochsloy, Machine, South hold i.t in the sta, te park on Lake ,Ptevens, Sunnyslde and Oh,uekanut Drive, near Belling- Vernon. ,hame.' ,Such was the good re,r- ident; and William B. Berry, ...... ----.- tune of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wise he. most ll.beral lille exitenslon secretary. Mr. Quast was serv- visual Training Contact Lenses DR. H. K. YANDLE OPTOMETRIST OLive 9-2772 1512 Thizl St. Office Hours 9:30-5:30 Marysvflle, Washington OTICE: ing as a commissioner w,hen the with ,their daughter, Mrs. Rus. district acquired the electric sell Pyke and husband and faro. properties from the Puget Sound ily and Dr. Dale Pyke, brother Power & Light Company. of Russell, and ,thei,r mother Q.uast stated, "Due to. sound Mrs. Pyke from Ellensburg. operating policies 'the district Mr. and, Mrs. Elmendorf of continues in a favorable position Everett, also Mr. George Bar- financially and will continue to nethy were dinner guests at the plan for ,the future and build the Bill Lundberg home Sunday. electric f.acllities 'to keep pace w'lth the gr)w0h and expansion JHOVA'S WITNESSES in the area." LAKE STEVENS UNIT - I , I I In I -- --' Minding Our Own Business Any exception to tile old whole- some rule, "Mind y)ur own busl- ,.ness," is rare. --Mary Baker Eddy T,he things most .people want to know about are usually none of their business. George Bernard Shaw There is so much good in the worst of us, and so mueI bad In the best of us, Chat It behooves all of us not to talk about the rest of us. Robert Louis Stevenson Advertising is one of .the few callings in which it is advisable to pay attention to some one else's husiness. How'ard W. Newton "Can You Talk With the Dead?" will be the su,bJect of the Bible discourse Sunday, Sept. 6, 7 p.m. at the Kingdom hall locat. ed one mile east of Lake Stevens. The W a,tch tower study, 8:15 p.m., will be "Exert Yourselves i Vlgorously as G bd's Workmen." The eongreffatlon book study Tuesday 8 p.m. continues tn the book "Your Will Be Done on Eart." .... The Theocratic Ministry for Friday 7:30 p.m. will be a =rlt- ten review followed by Bible i readings from Job 30:15 to Job 32:22. The service meeting at 8:35 concludes t)ae evening activ- Ities.  A personal invitation ts ex- tended to all .people of good-will o attend ,all meetings, WILL NOT BE HOME From SEPT. 3rd through Sept. 7th Will be at the EVERGREEN STATE FAIR Monroe Signed--MR. and MRS. JOHN Q. PUBLIC (Cu Out and Save) FIRE CALLS Granite :Falls Volunteer Fire Dept. and :Fire Dist. No. 17 DAY PHONE 0W 1-2481 or 0W 1-2861 NIGHT PHONE :Francis Lewis (Chief) 0W 1-2732 5. Cttrpenter (Capt.) 0W1-2832 Jerry Stilley (It.) .. OW 1-2723 Melvin Sawyer , ..... 0W 1-2991 3oe Lefebre ........ 0W 1-2i74 Solon Sain ......... 0W 1-2572 James Erickson Harold Goodrich';:; ;OWi'iiii Ivan LeDuo ........ OW 1-3271 Oene Wfllard .0W 1-2903 LaVerne W00ard III.0W 1-2521 Del Stinson ........ 0WI -9211 ht. reid Gray ................. Leo Munn ................... I Physician--.--... .... W. NORMAN POWERS I Office Hours: I to 6 P,. M. 8sturdaya: 4 to iS P. M. Phones: Offioe OW 1.-2811 Rea. OW 1-857 Granite Fails Insurunce..Not0000y Public GEO. D. THOMPSON i i Insurance Service Phone OW 1-2102 Granlts Fails No. 29501 NOTICE TO CRIDITORS In t;he Superior Court of the St.ta of Washington in and for the County of Snohomish, In the Matter of ,the Estate of !CA1-LL O. I:HESNER, Deceased NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that JAMI W. SWEET has bear ,appointed and has qualified as Tale bearers are just as bad executor of the above entitled as 'tale makers, estate, and all persons ihtving --Richard Bl'ins]ey Shertdan, lelalms against said decedean.t .or As to people saying a few ldie l said estate are hereby notified to words ai)o.ut us, we must notlerve the same, duly verified, mind that any more than the old lupn said executor or SAMUEL ciurch steeple minds tlle rooks P" HALE, ,his attorney of record, cawing about tt.George. Eliot at the address below given, and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone AL 2-2191 Everett to file the sme, together with proof of such service, in the of. fice o,f tie Clerk of the wbove Court, within six months follow- Ing August 27, 1959, date of first p,ublication hereof, or be forever barred, JAMES W. WEET, Executor Granite Falls, Washington SAMUEL P. HALE Attorney for the Estate 210 Colby Building Everett, Washington lublished: August 27, Sep- ,tember $, 10, 1959.