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March 17, 1932     Granite Falls Historical
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March 17, 1932

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.... | I:IME SPENT PREPAF.ING I LEGION FINDS WORK SEED BEDS RETURN PRGFITS FOR 5000 MEN In order {o gel the g,PatesI; return, Two alll]()unc(n.ten|:s fI'UIN FrDnk "!ram the crop [,hat i to be put in this'hlin Washington state chief qwing iL would be well for the Sno-iof th American Legion's employ- [OlniSil (,OUJJIy all!l,:J:, t,l p!ll] el OleO1 drive, were outstanding this gcting he seed bed it, the v,ery ,bust week. They were: f shape before, planLing, I1 ties been. I. That 5,000 men, idle hree found khaI it s m)t enough .iusl 1;o weeks ago, have been given w,a'k and llow and harrow the ground before wages in t, he state out;side Seattle ,x, edinr: the crup. Plowing is very ira- since the campaign started. ;,ortant, but with dmt shouM go a. 2. That Seattle will adopt the faro. ,lorouffh eu]tivaLion and preparation ous man-a-block sysl;eln for employ- lef.ore the seed is puL in the ground, ment of many now out of work. , Ihore are two very good reasons for As the the bulk of unemployment tfis. In the first plce 'by good plow- in the state exists in Seattle, it is ,g and thorough cultivation and pre- generally recognized that success of laxatin of the ground before seed- the Legion binges on the Queen City drive. Leffon leaders point ofu the round is made warmer, more I tr is K0tten down into the soil, wibh i a. result that mare bacterial action tltes pirate, which li*berates more .nt f,ood and thereby a better crop andJ Aer/ation, .especially of our ils' is'a very important thin be- useif the air is excluded, or even if it is rinited in quantity, the bacerial ,lctiom floes not go forward as it that martial un.employm cnt relief in Seattle will immediately affect every community in t&e state 'in a beneficial way. Under the man-a,block plan, with which 6,000 men have been lint to work in Buffalo, N. Y., residents of 'each block will be asked to pledge payment of so much weekly to a man who will do odd Jobs in that bloek ,liul and the food tlmt is stored up ih ttie soil wil not ,become availMe In Buffalo the block per week wage was set at $15. Sbr the plants as they develope. , In declaring that the campaign, In the second place, thorough pre- paration of the seed bed will insure a despite its noteworthy uccomplish- 3otter moisture supply throughout meats to date, has barely gotten un- der way in this state, McLaughlin e season. That is to say, that very ffttle rain falls on tle crop from the I )oints to the fact that but 40 out of tqme it is planted until harvested, l]40 Lea'ion posts in Washington so That means that the abundance of ffar lmve reported progress. moisture that falls during the winh ': "What has been done has months must be conserved so that it well done and is appreciated." the will .be availalble for the plants dur- ing the crop growing season. One of he best ways to so conserve that roisture is to have the seed bed pre- 1tared as thoroughly as possible, in rder that the soil is not too loose tereby allowing too great amoant sir to circulate through the soil md dry it out. By thorough cultiva- n, disking, harrowing, planking, oIling, etc,, this seed bed is packed drive commander declares, *,bul our atewide objective is still on the l hoHzon, and we "must push on wg- orously." FEBRUARY REPORT OF D. H. I. ASSOCIATION The report of the Snohomish Coun- ty Dai]T. Herd hnprovcment An., for the month of February shows that the herd of the Washington State Re- down, the excessive amount of air is ,xcluded, and the chances of drying formatory Farm No. I again led th  during the growing months are tAssn" in the large herd division of 20 zdneed to a minimum. Thorough. cows and over with an average of vation also helps to mix the [ 43.5 lbs of fat and 1216 bs. of myard fertilizer and the soil, for thetr herd of 31 reg. and grade Hol. cows. John Hanson of Monroe roby giving a more uniform result rom the use of the manure. Time was second with an average of 30,5 fent in getting the seed bed in good pe before Patting in the crop will wet! paid for when the crop is 'esd. )rnold Z. Smith, County, Agent I/INTS FOR HOMEMAKERS $f fireproof container for valuable Fpers can be made as f'ollows: lbs. of fat and 662 lbs. of milk fro his herd of 56 grade guernsey cows. C.L. Jonson of Monroe was third with an average of 28.4 lbs of fat and 627 lbs. of milk from his herd of 32 mixed breed cows. In the small herd division J. A. Carlson of Everett, with 15 grade uernsey cows avers.god 86.4 ]bs. of fat from 740 1,bs of milk. Victor Lilja read both ends of a 15-in, length of Stanwood averaged 35.6 lbs of fat f gin. pipe to take caps. 'Put a 3-8 and 666 1,bs. of milk with his herd of 14 purebred guernseys. Logan Bros. !L layer of asbestos inside each cap md seal it with a snug.fitting disk  sheet brass. Then place an equal &gth of 1-in. brass pipe inside of ff- iron pipe, concentrically, which done by inserting three strips of wood hetween the two pipes. Pack the :ace between the pipes with aslest- ,, remove the wooden strips and ,ek the space left with asbestos. pel's rolled and placed in the inner )ie will l:w ,'m:fc from fire when caps ;ire fitted on light!y. To prev(,rt a wind,'.)w shade from e/nff torn from i|s roller, cut the .end of the shade at two equal )mints, l?rming three equa  sections. Fasten nitre center ,eci:ion fo one side of the ller and the two end sections to '?te oher side, taeldng the edges own in the usual manner. Wet clothes hung outside in cold a?,ber often freeze to the line, es_ ecatly if it is of the woven-cable e, which may result in some of tte more delicate 'rments being w hon rem,ovh, hom. To avoid ii', araw a piece ,.,1 softened paraf. i w hack and fm-*h on the line so hf it hoeomo, s cow-d with a Water zrzof fim, whic'h wn last indefinite- l}.,r, rons mP be sad irons if Te ",.,,n and sell " .. of Stanwood with 15 grade guernseys avera.:ed 31..3 lbs of fat and 651 lbs of milk. The entir.e assn. containing 1418 cows averaged 600 1/bs of milk, 24.5 lbs of butterfat. There were 176 cows producinover 40 lbs of fat for the month.Dben L. Conner, Asst. Agt. in Dairying. ALFAI.FA Alfalfa needs more lime than any other common forage crop. All moils in the eas exeent thorse od' limestone soils, such as those in the Shenandah Val!ey, are often .acid at the surface and need lime. Except f.or the soils of the Pacific slope in the most softs west c,f the ninety-fifth meridian do not need liming. The f:crm of lime makes little difference provided it supplies enough calcium :oxide. Soils that have not previo.usly been limed ---ill usually require at least 1 ton of burned lime or its equivaent to the acre. Washington Man Wins Automobile ,'=" !' l r Ill II l l Are living conditions better Has nature been kinder-- Is the air purer-- Is the water better-- Is the soil more productive-- Do vegetables grow so perfectly Do flowers bloom longer, are more fragrant, or brighter hues Does fruits of better quality grow Is fuel more plentiful, or building material cheaper Is dairying more profitable Does poultry farming pay better-- Are there fewer insect pests Are the highways better--markets handier Are real estate values more reasonable in price-- Nowhere can one who "wishes to dwell by the side of the road and be a friend to man" find conditions better THAN IN THE C 0 M M U N 1 T Y .AURICE E. DU'2TON 8020 Jones "='= ,,lV :&vet, :, N.W,,. Seattle, has been notified that he won the 212th auto- mobile tn the dally nation-wide Creme contest announced each week,day night over the Columbia network, lie is the thlrdin the.state of Wash- lngt0n to Win an automobile in this Contest. Mr, Duttoa is 43 years old, marl'led and has resided in Seattle since 1917. His hobbies.are fishing and camping. Mr. Datton has his cholee of a Ford. CilevrOlet or Plym- o,.th automobl]  as a reward for writ- lng his winning statrneaJ Communicate with Secretary Granite Fall00 Commercial Club, Gmntte Falls, Wash., /o1" inJarmaUon