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January 1, 1959
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252 Bx  I. GRA,,FORD ' 1Bth Year GRANITE F, SNOHOMISH / COUNTY AGENT'S jUIvlNW..N T y Ai Ester .uid you nlaKe lllOlley on youl" Ill I' UpCI'IUll ili l  U  '." HaS farm and especially with maehln- 'cry and animals. I resolve to give a 4-H boy or girl a pat on tile back when they do a good job. I resolve .to got better a,c- quain.ted with all the things t.hat ,u,' Lam rtcurd helped you to nlaKe CllO.llge ,thLt IltaKe fttl'ttlillg Inure .profitable and enjoyable tot you? A we look towards 199 maybe a good farm record book will help you work towards ,the goals you have set for yo.ur Riverside News Mr. An ton Aasegard spent ,Christmas Day. with the Gone Bowyers. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duncan spent Christmas Eve wit,h. .tTheir idaughter and fam41y, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jamison and two grandchihlren, Mike and Danny. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan spent Christmas Day with Mr. Jami- son's folks, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jamison. Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Jack Long and little son of Lake Stevens called on Mr. and Mrs. Duncan. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duncan en.tertained Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jamison and ch.ildren for dinner. Later in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tynder from 'Everet.t, Mr. and Mrs. Cal Berreman of Lake Ste- vens, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Boivtn of Arlington, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ericksen of Everet.t, all dropped in on Mr. and Mrs. Duncan. Mr. and Mrs. Wal.t Lang spent CIiristmas wit,h Mrs. Lang's sis- tel' and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arron Vogan of Monroe. Mr. "and Mrs. Archie LeaQuee had as guests for Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Latten and three dren, Mr. and Mrs. Russ Burk and five children. Jeannle, Kathy and Debbie Burk and Carol Lat- ten are staying over their school vacation t.heir grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. LeaQuee. Friday, affect arm life. [Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Dorning of I resolve to talk ,to business California and Mrs. Pearl Crider men abou,t farming, and exchange I of Oregon called on the Lea- ideas with him. i Quees. Mrs. Crider staed over I resolve to invite a city fam-Inight. Saturday Mr. Crider came ily to visit the farm to cement ]and he visited Sturday, and in relations with city cousins, the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Crider Iamily and farm. We have ia the ffice Farm Aecoun,t Record books that are real good for keep- ing records without too much work. If they are kept day by day they are easy and will ,tell you the story on your operations. These cost only 50 cents and might be a very good investment i0r you. 1 know many of you (have used them in ,the past and wan.t to tell you we again have a supply in the office. Resolutions To Make ome resolutions you might .adop.t for 1959: I resolve to ,test my soil erly ii a order to plan my felttltzer program. I resolve to studY my farm tO see what changes I can make to save cost and labor. I resolye to take an active pat in my community to make it a better place to live. I resolve to attend some of It he farm meetings to gain from meeting with fellow farmers on our common .problems. I resolve to help the young peo- ple of the community ,that show an Interest in farming. I resolve ,to keep better records so I don't have to wrry a.t in- come ,tax time. I resolve to write my Stats ffepresentative and let him know how I feel on the Business and Occupation Tax for farmers. I resolve ,to lot my Congressman know how I feel abot national issues that affect my business. I resolve ,to take my wife out ,for dinner more often .for all the help she gives me a'round the farm. I resolve to be safe around the ii nH I resolve to buy the wife that new coat she wants just because I love her. I r.cso]ve to take an interest in. quality products. I resolve to follow my prod- ucts ,to market to better under- stand what is wanted. Last of all, I resolve ,to main- tain .the dignity of farming and help to maket it a profitable and' pleasant way of life. NON-CITIZENS TO REPORT ADDRESSES IN JNUARY John P. Boyd, district director of the U. S. Immigration and{ Naturalization Service, Seattle, states that the period wit,hin which aliens must report thei.r address to the government, is again near at hand. The month of January, 1959, has been set for t,he address re- porting period. The law requires .that all non-ci, tizens ill the United States, with very few exceptions, must repmt .their address during tha,t month. The terms to be used fo mak- ing the address report will be available at all pot offices and offices of t,he U. S. Immigration and Na.turalization Service during January. 'Mr. Boyd urges all aliens to comply with the address report- ing requirements as failure o do so may lead to serious conse- quences. Christmas dinner guests of Mr. ad Mrs. Sam;Barstow were Mrs. Barstow's father and bro- ther, Mr. McCaulley and Law- rence of Arlington, Mr. and Mm. Don Burnham of Seattle and M&. and Mrs. Dick Lundberg and family. OIL GENUINE HAVOLINE OIL at less than 35c per quart in case lots HERE  WHY go to Everett and pay more? TEXACO STATION GRANITE FALLS, WASH. ' left. sunday Mr. and Mrs. George Burk and Mr. and Mrs. Van Winkle of Everett and Mr. and Mrs. Peterson of St. Paul, Mlnn,, were at the LeaQuees. .r. and Mrs. Tom Murphy spen.t Christmas with their son Cliff and Ina Marp,hy at Renton, and then they visited with their daughter and family, the Boyd Hagens of Kent; .they returned home on Saturday. On Monday Mr. and Mrs. Murphy entertained Donna" Abbott at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Sam S,human had as guests on Christmas Eve Mr. , and Mrs. Ivan LeDuc and ,three children, Steve, Stlaron and Susie Mr. and Mrs. Ken Gilbertson and two children, Myra and Wesley of Pullman, Wash., and Mrs. Josie LeDuc. Mr. and Mrs. Gil- bertson and children are still visiting the Shumans. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Pearsall of Northport visi.ted for a couple of days with .t,heir son and fam- ily, the Ernie Pearsahs. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lundberg had as dinner guests on Christ- mas Eve Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lundberg and George Bernethy. Later in tle evening Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Pearsall and daugh- ters Mma and Jonl, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Elmendorf and children, Wayne and Debbie, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bernethy and sons, Ron- nie, Donnie and Greg dropped in to exchange gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Elmen- dorf of Lake Stevens had as C,hristmas Day dinner guests at their home, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lundberg and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Pearsall and daugh- o. ters. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bernethy had Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. James Erickson of Grani.te Falls, and later dropping dn to spend the evening at Mr. and Mrs. Elmendorf's at Lake Stevens. Sunday, George Bernethy mo- tored to ,the Art Speck home a,t Sunday Lake for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ajer of Seattle brought their two chil- dren up Friday ,to spend a few days with ,their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 01iff ewts. Mr. and _Mrs. William Ferber COUNTY, WASHLNGTON Buy Your Auto Tabs in January To Avoid Penalty ,uto license plate tabs for '59 gO.ion sale ,this Friday, Jan. 2, and rust be purchased during j.anuary to av.oid penalty. Gee. D. T.hompson, who has handled auto licenses in t, he Granite Falls district for many ,years, will again provide this service, starting Friday of this week. Motorists must take .the,license forms received in the mail from state license office to the person or office where license plate .tabs are issued. The '59 tabs will be t:tickers which arc to be fastened to .tile license plates wit.h a strong aihesive backing. tate patrol officers will han- dle the matter of penalties when rotorists fail .to have tte '59 ickers after Jan. 31. / L ] Christmas Gatherings Christmas Day was a happy family gatiering at ,the home of Mr. and Mrs. How.ard Hughes. & bountiful dinner and the ex- (hange of gif, ts were enjoyed by Mrs. Dolores Martin and chil- dren of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hughes of Arlington, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Haskins and chihlren and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harri- man of Lake Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bannister, Esther Has- kins, Sharon and Ray Hughes and the host and hostess. Mrs. Margaret Griffin enjoyed Christmas with her son Russell Griffin and wife in Evere,tt, go- ing down Wednesday and re- ,turning home Satu%day. ,Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Talbert :d a merry Christmas wt t:heir home with all of their children with t,hem. For dinner Christm'as Day were their daughters and husbands, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hyde of Oakland, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kline and son Gary of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Le- Moigne and son Lary of Everett and son Clarence Matthews of Port Blakeley. Those enjoying C,hristmas din- ner with the Win. Murphys' were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Espeseth and family of Seattle and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murphy and family of Jordan. Mrs. Murphy's niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kline of _Spokane and Mr. and Hix of Monroe visited on Sa.tur- day. The Win. Mnrphys will be spending New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in eattle with t,heir daughter and family, Mr. !and Mrs. Robert Espeseth. Christmas Day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Terhune was Icnjoyed by their daughters and famMies, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lewis and son Bruce of Vashon Island, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly and family of Lairs Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Norm Ronning and family of Everett and Charles Barton. Mrs. Terhune's birthday was on Saturday but celebrated on Sunday with the Norm Ron- nings bringing the birthday din- ner. The Jack Kelly famdly dropped in for a brief visit also. of Seattle and son Roth spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with ,the Bill Ferber family. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet.t Ferber of Eastgate drove up Christmas Eve to spend the evening with the Ferbers. Denny Ferber spent t,hree day in Seattle visiting John Peranze; then John returned home with De'iiny to spend a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murphy Jr. and family spent Christmas Eve with Mr. and Mrs. B. Hodkinson of Granite Falls. Then spent Christmas Dy with Mr. nd Mrs. Bill M.urphF Sr. of Grant,to Falls. Thursday, 3anuary 1, 1959 MASONS ELECT CHARLES LOCKETT MASTER FOR 1959 At the first stated communica- tion ill December Charles Lewis Lockett was selec,ted by members of Damascus Lodge No. 199 to be master of tile lodge for 1959." Other officers elected and ap- pointed are as foll,ows: Senior Warden, fl.ohn N. Allender Junior Warden, Lee J. Bogart T.reasurer, John H. Curtis Secretary, E. R. Rogers Chaplain, Oscar A. MoLter Marshal, George E. Mills Senior Deacon, Cla|'ence MacDonald Junior Deacon, George W. Bradshaw Senior Steward, Roy F. Chew Junior Steward, Kenneth Cool Tyier, Wesley F. Chew Open Installation 3anuary 3rd Open in.tallation, to which friends and those w,ho would like t:o know more about tlle teaoh- ings of Masonry arc invited, will be hchl at eight o'clock on Satur- day evening, January 3rd, in tile hall above the G.ranite Falls Creamery. Installing officers for the oc- casion will be: W.B. John H. Curtis, Master W.B. Charles T, Webb, Marshal W.B.E.R. Rogers, Chapwiu. W.B. Jaspn ]. Webl, Secretary Mrs. James Sweet, Musician Granville Grange Meeting Nights Changed to 1st and 3rd Satmday The meeting nigh,ts of Gan- ville Grange have been ehanged to the first aild third Saturday nights of each month. ' ( ,, i 'ii To Secretaries of all local or- ! ganizations: Please notify the !Press if any changes are needed in the dates printed below. G.ranville Grange, 1st and 3rd Saturday of each mont,h. Damascus /oage, F: & A. M., 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Bethel Chapter, O:E,S., 2nd and 4th Thursday, 8 p.m. Granite Falls Lions Club, 2nd ad 4th Monday. Well Baby Clinic, 4th Tuesday. Granite lails Sportsmen's Club, second Wednesday of month. Granite Falls P.T.A. ]st Thurs. day. Holy Cross Altar Society, 2nd 'Thursday. Granville Grange Auxiliary, 1st Tuesday. American Legion and Auxili- ary, 1st Tuesday and 3rd Friday. V.FW. and Auxiliary, 2nd and tth Tuesday. Number 10 Work Starts on New P.O. Blclg., ,The foundation has been laid for Granite Falls' new Post Office building and erection of ,the block walls is to get under way at once. j The new buidling is being con- structed by Arnold Bakketun, and the U. S. Post Office Depart- ment will occupy the building on a long-.term lease. Located on Stanley street be- .tween t,he Retz real estate office and the Pilchuck Inn, the latter also owned by Mr. Bakketun, ,the building is to be empleted by the middle of March.. LEGION MEETING he American Legion and Aux- iliary will have theh" first regu- .]ar meeting of h,e New Year, Tuesday evening, Jan. 6. All members of both organiza- tions are requested .to be present. Some very important decisions are to be made at ,this meeting. Commander Ed Stephens wishes .to thank all who worked so hard on the repainting of t,he interior of the building. Don't forget .the meeting Tuesday evening, Jan. 6. REMEMBER The Iarch of Dimes is coming soon. Let's give and keep gain. ing on polio until we have i conquered ! The Polio Foundation has also taken on more very worthy projects this year. Let's lelp hmity! santa Claus Tours Lake evens on Water Skis unday, Dec. 21, at 2 p.m, Santa Claus visited ,the county park on Davies road t Lake Ste ens whre he distribu,ted gif:t o approximately 400 youngsters; Before skimming up on the shore at the county park, Ban,ta Claus ,toured ,the entlrie shore of Lake Stevens. Santa's arrival a.t ,t,he county park was greeted with much cheering from young- stets crowded around ,the shore, all yelling ,and clamoring ,to shake his hand an,d to receive their gifts. ,His visit was arranged ,by he Six A. M. Water Ski Club of Lake Stevens. Providing gii)ts for all, youngsters were .the following firms: Mite,hell's" Pharmacy of Lke Stevens, Warren's Grocery of Lake Stevens, ,the B & M lod Stores of Everet,t and Marysville and Medosweet Ice Cream Co. LOCAL COMMITTEEMEN " IN A.S.C. ELECTION Neal Cooper, Thomas ,Illman and Roy Grimm were elected to reIresen.t the Grani.te Falls com- munity in ,the recent election for ,the Snohomish County Agricul- tural Stabilization and Conserva- tion Comflttee. There ,are ll communities ,throughout the coun- ty included in t, he county com- mi,t.tee with three committeemen. elected from each community. Pilchuck Home Demons'trwtionlSALVAGE BUREA TRUES i. U ....... Club, 3rd Wednesday. ICOMING NEXT MONDAY ' ' Lions, ffhe St Vincent de Paul Sal Granite falls Lady 3rd J ' 7 Monday " Ilvage Bureau truck will be in s i Grauite Falls on Monday, Jan. 5. Granville Home Demonstration I Call OWen 1-3232 if you wish Club/2nd Tuesday. [,them ,to call at your hence. -* ! H , ]l A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all we have served during the past year and all those we hope to served in the eomin$ year. RICHFIELD STATION OWen I - 3151 . '' ' OWen i- 2474